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 All Citizens Welcome

 Rainier City Hall
 March 19, 2012 - Monday at 6:30 p.m.


 (Port Westward Coal Barge Proposal)

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TAKE ACTION: Tell the Army Corps to Complete a Full Environmental Review of Coal Exports
Dear Friend,

As a supporter of Columbia Riverkeeper and the Power Past Coal campaign you likely know that we are fighting seven potential coal export terminals, four in Oregon and three in Washington. The decisions made for each proposed terminal have critical ramifications for the other proposed terminals, and especially for our momentum of We the People being able to defeat King Coal.

To that end we are pulling together to send a strong message to state and federal decisionmakers on Oregon's first proposed coal export terminal: Ambre Energy's 8.8 million ton per year coal export project at the Port of Morrow (south of the Tri-Cities on the Columbia River). By contrast, Oregon's only coal-fired power plant burns 5 million tons of coal per year. We need YOU to submit comments to demonstrate strong regional opposition to this precedent-setting proposal.

Here's the background: on March 6, 2012 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it is moving forward with permitting the first coal export terminal in Oregon, located at the Port of Morrow. If this project moves forward, the coal company, Ambre Energy, would ship Montana coal by rail to the Port of Morrow, move the coal onto barges and clog the Columbia River, and then offload the coal onto ocean-going ships at the Port of St. Helens in Oregon (just across the river from Longview). According to the Corps, there are no plans to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Northwest's first coal export terminal.

The Corps' approach sidesteps the thorough environmental review that coal exports deserve. We believe that the Corps and coal company are not above completing an environmental impact statement. We strongly feel the Army Corps should conduct a full environmental review of this project, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act ("NEPA"). To ensure this review accounts for the major cumulative impacts of multiple coal export terminals, the Corps must also prepare Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement that looks at the combined impacts of multiple terminals exporting upwards of 142 million tons of coal per year for.If you agree, please click here to let the Army Corps know. Your letter will also be sent to Governor Gregoire and your Members of Congress, who should also be weighing in on this important issue.

We need to have a say on what happens in our public waters and our public lands. Please write the Army Corps today. We have a limited window of time for them to receive public comment.

We can stop coal export. We must stop coal export. We will stop coal export!
Thank you for your help,
Dan Serres
Conservation Director
Columbia Riverkeeper
Joelle Robinson
Field Director
Power Past Coal


Coal Export?

Coal import/export, Coal Trains, and Coal Dust-- Xyz Coal Company proposed plans for a Coal Export mega port facility at the former Reynolds Metals plant just West of Longview WA on the shore of the Columbia River.  For more information about our concerns about this proposed facility, its operation, and information about free instagram followers it in general, click on the Coal Export button on the left side main menu.

Take Action to Stop the Coal Export Project in Longview 
Your voice is critical to protect Longview from becoming a coal mega-port. 
1. Call and Email the Governor. Tell Governor Gregoire that you oppose the Ambre/Millennium coal project. Also request that the Governor direct theWA Attorney General to investigate Ambre’s deliberate deception of thepublic, Cowlitz County, and state agencies.Email: (360) 9024111   
2. Call and Email Commissioner of Public Lands - Peter Goldmark. The Washington Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) has enormous authority overthe proposed Millennium coal terminal. DNR regulates use of stateownedaquatic lands at the terminal site, and must approve the transfer of thelease between Chinook Ventures and Millennium Bulk Logistics. AskCommissioner Goldmark to stop this project, which will harm Longview.Tell Commissioner Goldmark that Millennium attempted to mislead thecommunity and Cowlitz County and that DNR should reject the proposal.Email: Phone: (360) 9021004 
3. Write a Letter to the Editor. The Longview Daily News has printed many letters opposing the Millennium coal proposal. This weekend, the paper editorialized that Ambre’s tactics in rushing to gain approvals were unacceptable. Write your own letter calling for an investigation by the Attorney General into Ambre’s deliberate deception,or discuss your concerns with the proposed coal megaport. Submit letters to:Longview Daily News (175 words max) letters@tdn.comThe Oregonian (150 words max)  
4. Attend Olympia Board of Natural Resources Meeting. The Board of Natural Resources oversees the activities of the Department of Natural Resources. These meetings provide an opportunity for public comment. The next meeting is April 5, 2011at 9 AM. Public comment will likely occur later in the morning. The meeting will be heldat the Natural Resources Building, Room 172, in Olympia, Washington. If you are interested in attending, please contact  Dan Serres with Columbia Riverkeeper at(503) 8902441or more information. We will know more about when public comment will occur once the agenda for the meeting is made public. With a good turnout, we can make an impression on key state decisionmakers that can stop the Millennium project from moving forward. 
5. Learn More about the Coal Industry houston carpet cleaning and Its Impacts Throughout the Attending a Screening of the film Deep Down. The film Deep Down depicts the struggle of a small Kentucky community facing largescale coal mining operations.The film displays the controversial nature of coal mining and the difficulty of local communities grappling with large dirty energy developments. Saturday, March 19th. Kelso, WA.1:30 PM screening, panel discussion to follow.Kelso Theatre Pub 214 South Pacific Avenue . Kelso, WA 
6. Stay Connected. As the coal export proposal continues to seek key approvals, stay in touch with us so that you can get the latest information about Millennium’s plans. waterbed It is very likely that additional hearings will occur in the coming months, and your  participation is critical to demonstrate that Cowlitz County residents deserve better than Ambre’s coal megaport. For more information or to ask questions, contact:
Sandra Davis with Landowners and Citizens for a Safe Community,(360) 7032200 
Dan Serres, with Columbia Riverkeeper, (503) 8902441 
Cesia Kearns, with Sierra Club. 503.238.0442 ext. 306 
Also, look for regular updates on the coal issue at and

Will this impact your business?

Will this impact the ports?

Will this impact recreational use of the river?

Will this impact city and county revenues

We are updating our E-mail List and need your help if you would like to be on that list and receive updates and meeting notices please send your name and E-mail address  to: